Phoenix Choir

Sunday worship service is casual and consists of a blend of traditional and modern elements including a variety of music from week to week, provided by various groups within the church. The Sanctuary Choir, Chinese Choir, Phoenix Choir, and Praise team take turns in providing our special music. Song leaders change from week to week, as well. Aspiring singers and musicians can find a home here.

Children  are invited and encouraged to attend worship, and are included every Sunday during a special segment called “Children’s Time,” presented by the Youth Minister. After that segment, the kids continue on to Sunday School.

Communion is shared  once a month as part of the worship service. All believers are welcome to participate in this intimate and joyous time.

Bldg exterior_2nov14Services are conducted in San Francisco’s Chinatown, in a venerable building constructed in 1921. Our facility also includes a nursery, social hall, office, and other meeting space. English language worship begins a 10 AM and Cantonese worship at 11:30.

On “special” Sundays of Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, (and a few others–see calendar,) a combined service is celebrated at 11 AM, using both English and Cantonese.

During each service, there is a “Passing of the Peace,” where we can share a hug or handshake with each other. We are always happy to see visitors. You are welcome here–hope you will stop by!

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For more information,  please contact:  office@chinesecongsf.org