Square and Circle

“Square and Circle,” a Chinatown service organization, celebrated their 95th anniversary with a dinner and program last Saturday night. The club was founded by seven female choir members from CCC, and has grown and expanded throughout the years.  During the program, Dr. Elaine Jang was recognized for her 82 years of active membership.

SF Food Bank

On a recent Saturday morning, a group of Esprit Fellowship and Youth volunteered at the San Francisco Food Bank.

Mother’s Day

During the combined Mother’s Day worship, James Yan Lan gave a moving message about his late mother, Kena–and we were inspired by the music of the Mother’s Choir and the BelleTones.

Helping the SF Night Ministry

The CCC youth coordinated a sock drive that collected  530 pairs of socks for the needy and homeless. These socks were presented to the San Francisco Night Ministry on March 24. 

Esprit Fellowship

On March 15, Esprit fellowship went out for an enjoyable dinner, then  attended  “West Side Story” at Berkeley Playhouse. Tentative upcoming events include a Presidio outing and volunteering at the SF Food Bank.

Sunday at CCC

Reverend Rodney Yee provided the message last Sunday, and the Sanctuary Choir sang with great spirit.

Youth Prayer Night

Friday night, the Youth Fellowship dimmed the lights to get into a prayerful space.

Youth Retreat

The youth group went on a winter retreat to Lake Tahoe, Dec. 27-29.    The purpose of this retreat was literally “retreat”-ing  from normal daily activities and learning how to “be still” in the presence of the Lord in many different ways.

Annual Fellowship Luncheon

We joined together for our annual fellowship luncheon of turkey, ham, and all the fixin’s on December 2. Thanks to all that attended.

Thanksgiving Sunday

We’re thankful for the folks that were baptized this morning by Reverend Rodney Yee–Carolyn, Susan, Tommy,Mandy, and Vicky.