Summer Adventure Camp for Kids

Our Summer Adventure Camp for Kids (SACK) will be virtual again in 2021. We are currently seeking campers and counselors. Check out our videos from last summer.  

We have updated the job descriptions based on our virtual format. Please visit and click the staff page for job descriptions and applications.

Chinese/ American Vets Honored

During an era of prejudice, over 18,000 Chinese/ American men and women served our country in World War II– only 300 are still alive, which includes  CCC’s Reverend Matthew Fong.  The Congressional Gold Medal is an honor long overdue for these veterans–you can watch the ceremony here

Helping a School

Edmund and Hermann deliver a batch of supplies from CCC to principal Sonny Wong, of Spring Valley Elementary School. Many of the school’s students and families are in dire need of  basic necessities during this extended pandemic, and the church wants to help.

Back to School (Virtually)

Kudos to our Bay Area teachers and students, who are working together to learn, while unable to be physically together inside a classroom.   


Virtual SACK Ends

Thank you for supporting our SACKlive this year. We had 38 campers registered from San Diego to Canada, with an average of 16 on the zoom on Fridays. We were able to reach out to old campers as well as some new ones. Thank you for your support whether it be by prayers or through the SACK Angels. It was a year like no other. We finished off the summer with a virtual carnival! We invite everyone to continue to watch our videos!
Watch all the SACK videos here

Virtual SACK Continues

Thank you for your support for virtual SACK this year. We have 38 campers registered for our Friday zoom sessions, with about 18 showing up each week. We have campers all the way from San Diego to Canada. We continue to put out videos at 9:00AM on our YouTube SACKlive channel. Our videos include crafts, music and how to’s! Please like and subscribe! 
Watch the SACK videos here

There is still time to register children from 1st grade through 8th grade. Sign up here. 

Summer Adventure Camp for Kids (SACK) Goes Online

We’re excited to share that this summer, SACK will move to an online format, with videos and live online meetings! SACK staff will be creating video content for campers to view, and also hold periodic live Zoom meetings for campers to join. For the online safety of campers and staff, registration will be required for campers to join the online live meetings.  

Our top priority is the health and safety of both campers and our staff.  As we follow San Francisco’s Shelter in Place policies for everyone’s safety, we hope to remain connected during the summer in new and exciting ways!  

SACK 2020 will be free.  We hope to share our virtual SACK camp with not only past campers but also with our church members and their families near and far!   We will be posting more information soon.   Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to staying connected and keeping our SACK spirit strong!  

Online Giving now available

The long-awaited online giving platform is up and ready to use.  Our church will be using as our platform. The easiest way to make a donation is to click on the button: “Give to CCC” in the upper right hand column of the Welcome page.  Thank you in advance, for your help.


With a shelter in place, perhaps this is a great opportunity for us to live into our theme for this year; To GLOW in our faith. 

That is, to GLOW (Grow, Love, Outreach, Worship) in our faith we focus on Growing spiritually, Loving God’s people more through Outreach, and to enhance and deepen our Worship of our God.

Since we are finally under the same roof at the same time, for many of us, let us revive the family unit as a center of spiritual growth and worship.  Here are some suggestions for these times:

1.       Have family prayer time in the morning or evening (Opening prayer, worship song, a Bible reading and sharing, closing worship song and closing prayer).

2.       Read through a Book of the Bible together.  You’ll have fun with the Book of Proverbs. For couples Song of Songs will delight your heart and spur your love more for each other.  As we are in Lent, reading through the four Gospels will attune and prepare your hearts for Good Friday and Easter. How about a Psalms challenge, read through 150 Psalms). There are 66 Books, no matter what you’ll choose, you’re meet and worship God through any one of them.

3.       Start a phone tree to reach out to others to see how they are doing and if they need help with buying groceries or anything.  Let’s reach out and touch someone with God’s love. 

—Jake Yan Lan, Director of Ministry

Church Activities Suspended

Except for essential services six counties in the Bay Area have announced orders to “shelter in place” to help contain the spread of COVID19 until April 7th.  To help curb the spread of the virus and to protect our most vulnerable population the Council has suspended all church activities until April 7th.