With a shelter in place, perhaps this is a great opportunity for us to live into our theme for this year; To GLOW in our faith. 

That is, to GLOW (Grow, Love, Outreach, Worship) in our faith we focus on Growing spiritually, Loving God’s people more through Outreach, and to enhance and deepen our Worship of our God.

Since we are finally under the same roof at the same time, for many of us, let us revive the family unit as a center of spiritual growth and worship.  Here are some suggestions for these times:

1.       Have family prayer time in the morning or evening (Opening prayer, worship song, a Bible reading and sharing, closing worship song and closing prayer).

2.       Read through a Book of the Bible together.  You’ll have fun with the Book of Proverbs. For couples Song of Songs will delight your heart and spur your love more for each other.  As we are in Lent, reading through the four Gospels will attune and prepare your hearts for Good Friday and Easter. How about a Psalms challenge, read through 150 Psalms). There are 66 Books, no matter what you’ll choose, you’re meet and worship God through any one of them.

3.       Start a phone tree to reach out to others to see how they are doing and if they need help with buying groceries or anything.  Let’s reach out and touch someone with God’s love. 

—Jake Yan Lan, Director of Ministry

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